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2023-03-20  Dansk Kurér & Transportservice has implemented Opter

Dansk Kurér & Transportservice ApS (DKT) is a company that operates around 60 vehicles in the Copenhagen region. DKT specialises in delivering lunch food to companies throughout Greater Copenhagen, and also offers other types of temperature-controlled transport and courier services, including bicycle courier services. It is now using Opter to make its business more efficient – from customer booking to invoicing. Welcome to Opter!

Dansk Kurér & Transportservice ApS

2023-03-09  Welcome to Opter, Ben!

Ben David Kristensen joined the company in Norway in October, as a support technician. He has an IT and electronics engineering education and previous experience from, for example, the grocery trade, where he has had a lot of customer contact. Ben likes smart solutions and optimised flows and is looking forward to helping our Norwegian customers.

Ben’s tip: Don’t be afraid to explore the system! If you need something in particular, there is often already a solution available in Opter.

2023-02-27  Tenho Kemppainen has implemented Opter

Tenho Kemppainen Oy is a third generation family business based in Tampere in Finland. Its customers are mainly companies in the Finnish forestry industry. Tenho Kemppainen uses Opter for dispatch activities relating to its own vehicles and those of other suppliers, amounting to a total of 20 vehicles that operate around the clock. Welcome!

Tenho Kemppainen Oy